Hawaiian Life

Posted by: | Posted on: December 16, 2017

Life on Hawaii is different than the life elsewhere. I knew this to be true even before I went there. Hawaii is a chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Many people don’t know this, but Hawaii is very volcanic. By this, I mean that, deep down under the islands, there is magma. Hawaii currently has three active volcanoes. I hope they never erupt! The problem with volcanic eruptions, however, is that no one can really tell for sure when they will erupt.

The airport was small when I arrived. I remember it being very beautiful outside. It was nice every day I was there. I was excited at the possibilities as to what I can do. What types of activities are there here? I immediately thought about surfing.

I had never surfed in my life. However, Hawaii is known to be a great place for surfing. So I rented a board and surfed! The waves were not too large. I think the waves are a bit smaller during the summer. During the fall and winter seasons, the waves are higher. The size of my board was surprising. Perhaps I’m used to the size of a snowboard. With a snowboard, the length of the board is supposed to be at high as my chin. With a surfboard, the board was about a foot higher than me.

Hawaii has great nightlife. After all, people go there for vacations. Where I stayed, in downtown Waikiki, many people walked around at night. There are artists on street corners, small tourist shops, and plenty of alcoholic drinks to go around. I was there in early July and was able to watch the fireworks show at night in celebration of Independence Day. I highly recommend all travelers to make a stop in Hawaii. You won’t be disappointed!