My Trip to Italy

Posted by: | Posted on: December 24, 2017

Of all the countries I visited, Italy was my favorite. Or, at least it’s just at the top of my list. The other would be France or Greece. These are all European countries with thousands of years of history. Foods, music, and culture have been finely tuned over all of this time. Italy was ready for a visit. And it was incredible.

I arrived in Italy by seaport. Specifically, I believe my first city I visited was Naples. What was the first food I tried? I believe it was pizza! I’m a pizza lover and I’ve been so my entire life. The pizza in Italy was not as I expected. That’s not a good thing or a bad thing. It was just different! It was still delicious though. In Italy, they do not put too much cheese on top, to my surprise. Instead, they rely on the taste of the bread crust and the sauce. Both of these were great! But the pizza wasn’t all that I tasted when I was there. I also enjoyed the pasta! Who would go to Italy and not try the pasta? It was also awesome.

I took the train from Naples to Rome. The thing about trains in Europe is that they are better than the ones here in America. I’m not sure why that is. After all, we are essentially the richest country in the world. At the same time, the citizens of European countries pay more in taxes than we do. I’m happy with that. I’d rather better trains elsewhere if it means that I get to keep more of my own money. And I do! That’s part of the American dream. If someone works hard, they can play hard, because they keep more of what they earn. Lower taxes equals more freedom. That being said, the trains in Italy are very nice!