Young, Wild, and Free

Posted by: | Posted on: December 7, 2017

That’s a phrase that many teens use. The phrase speaks for itself. Teens use it because they are young. Teens use it because they are wild (or perhaps more often to be, as an age group). And teens use it because they are free. Being free to teens means they have less responsibility. Most of them don’t have careers. Most of them aren’t married. Most of them aren’t “tied down”. This factors, taken as a whole, means that teens have a great opportunity to travel.

To travel, one needs money. Teens aren’t rich. But their parents might be! Well, one doesn’t really need “rich” parents to afford to go on a trip or traveling far away. For example, there are plenty of study abroad opportunities for students. I don’t regret much in my life. But I think I would have had a great time studying abroad. I didn’t even think much of it until I began writing this article. That being said, I’ll probably forget about it soon enough. After all, if I want to vacation in any far away place, I’ll do just that!

Traveling doesn’t need to be expensive, either. Teens can go on road trips. They can go camping. They can go pretty much wherever they want with friends. They can go with family also. Yes, but I think they’d feel more “free” if they went with their friends.

When people are young they have a perfect opportunity to explore life. In my opinion, there are two times to explore. One is during youth when responsibilities are minimal. The other time is in retirement. But who wants to wait until retirement? No matter where one is in life, they can make travel happen. So make the choice and do it! Just plan, save some money and being the journey.